Forefront TeleCare, Inc.
Making Telehealth WORK Since 2010

Forefront TeleCare, Inc.
Making Telehealth WORK Since 2010

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

We are at the Forefront

Forefront TeleCare, Inc. is a pioneer and U.S. leader in the delivery of behavioral health services via our unique HIPAA-compliant Telehealth Platform which incorporates software, hardware, and comprehensive service protocols developed over years in the field. Our current specialty services include Telepsychiatry, Telepsychology and Telepsychotherapy. We serve two client populations: Smaller healthcare facilities and private practices.

We are a U.S. leader in serving the Behavioral Telehealth needs of smaller healthcare facilities including Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Psychiatric Hospitals, Rural Health & Primary Care Clinics, and Community Hospitals in 18 states coast-to-coast. Our TelehealthNOW service empowers private behavioral practices to better serve their own patients or clients via our fully supported state-of-the-art Telehealth Platform. Our National Provider Network of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists and therapists work with Forefront to serve the behavioral health needs of patients and clients.


I have had the pleasure to work with Forefront TeleCare for the past five years. Being in a rural area that has limited resources available, Forefront has been a great asset to the Rennes facilities. The staff is very helpful and professional.

A. Messenger L.P.N.

Social Service Designee

Being located in a rural part of the state, we don’t have access to specialty physicians for mental health face-to-face right here in town. So for us to have access for our residents via Forefront Telecare, we can offer psych services to our residents, without even having to leave our facility. It cuts down on [staff and travel] expenses of having to transport residents to psych appointments outside our facility, and is much more convenient, particularly in bad weather.

S. White

Social Service Designee

Forefront is fantastic because the staff is great to work with. They are team oriented and handle all my technical issues! I love managing my own schedule and I like that fact that telehealth is safe, convenient and easy to manage.

Dr. B. Chang

Due to our very rural location we have struggled with getting access to behavioral healthcare providers. We have many long term care patients that cannot get out to the community easily. The Forefront team is always friendly to work with, Tech Support is quick to address support issues and respond to questions, Becca in Scheduling is “On it”, she sees my referrals come, even if it’s a last minute change for new evaluation. Dr Hussain is wonderful, patient and attentive to our patients, she looks at the bigger picture. We had a family members care plan meeting this week. Prior to having access to the Forefront resources, this patient was not functioning optimally and in many ways was losing their quality of life. There has been noticeable, functional changes for this patient as a result of having this program. I find the Forefront Portal to be very user friendly…it supports scheduling and runs monthly quality assurance reports for psychiatric services in a timely manner. With Forefront we are covered.

A. Thomas

Thank you for all that you do! You really have made it very easy to be able to implement a system such as this. I know our facility would be lost without you! The services that you guys bring to us here at Pinewood really make a difference. It just gives us so many more tools to care for our people! Thank you for all that you do for us!


Director Social

I love working with Forefront: I appreciate that I’m able to focus solely on patient care as opposed to losing tremendous amounts of time dealing with the administrative side of patient care. I’m able to be a full time provider and do what I love – taking care of people.

Dr. Mayee Ph.D.