Virtual behavioral health across the continuum of care.


Provide timely access to high-quality behavioral health care to your patients in any care setting.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Our HIPAA compliant telehealth platform delivers convenient, remote access to virtual behavioral health services on any device from PC, to tablet, to smartphone, in any care setting.

Clinical Quality

Forefront's nationwide network of 400+ Psychiatrists, Psychiatric NPs, Psychologists, and LCSWs maintain the highest quality standards, from onboarding through Joint Commission Compliant credentialing and quality audits.

Workflow Integration

Our integrated platform enables the life-cycle from recruitment through scheduling and virtual visits including billing insurance while integrating into your care team's clinical platforms.

Forefront Telecare is the behavioral health care delivery arm of Access TeleCare, the nation’s largest provider of acute and specialty telemedicine. We are the leading provider of high-quality, cost-effective virtual behavioral health, helping the clients we serve give their patients the ability to live their best lives in the least restrictive care settings. Forefront provides our care services across the continuum of care, enabling our clients to effectively manage the significant behavioral health needs of their patients in any care setting with our tech-enabled platform. Our focus is on collaborating with care teams to improve the quality of care and quality of life for the patients they serve while reducing costs through operational efficiency. Operating in all 50 states, Forefront provides a turnkey telehealth solution that meets behavioral health needs and extends care teams’ service capabilities.

Who We Serve

Hospitals and Health Systems

Forefront Telecare is the nation’s leading solution for significant behavioral health needs across the care continuum. Partner with us to expand access to meet your communities’ need for psychiatric and therapy resources. We provide full or part-time coverage in any care setting, with a focus on treating significant behavioral health issues.

Virtual Behavioral Health for Hospitals and Health Systems
Virtual Behavioral Health for Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Consistent, reliable access to telepsychiatry for medication management and talk therapy services for seniors. Forefront educates your facility staff on behavioral health to ensure the highest quality of life for residents.

Health Plans

Partnering with health plans to better engage member populations with timely access to high-quality behavioral health resources.

Virtual Behavioral Health for Health Plans

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About Forefront Telecare

Forefront Telecare is excited to become part of Access TeleCare. Forefront will continue to operate independently as an Access TeleCare company serving the virtual behavioral health needs of communities across the nation.