Forefront Providers connect to rural communities

Connect to communities that need you! After all, your patients just got a whole lot closer.

Did you know that there are an estimated 17,000 rural care facilities in the United States that are in desperate need of qualified behavioral health professionals? Rural hospitals, for example, represent more than half of all hospitals in the United States, providing essential access to inpatient, outpatient and emergency medical services in rural communities.

Rather than commuting to remote areas, Forefront contracts with rural healthcare facilities, provides them all the conferencing equipment they need and then links practitioners with a steady flow of patients right to their computer screens — in their homes, offices or wherever they are connected to the internet. With increasing demand for psychiatric and behavioral health services and a shortage of rural practitioners, Forefront can deliver its partner doctors a steady flow of patients and provide its contracted rural facilities the behavioral resources they so desperately need for their patients.


“I am a veteran and served in the U.S. Army. I treat individuals with a variety of mental health conditions and I find it rewarding to see their progression and their determination to improve their mental health and environmental wellness.”

Hazel Mahatha, DNP