About Forefront Telecare

About Us

Forefront Telecare is a recognized national leader of Virtual Behavioral Health for Seniors across America.
If a Senior has Medicare, Medicare Advantage or Medicaid and begins in a Hospital then moves to a Long Term Care Facility, including Skilled Nursing Homes or Assisted Living, or can return home for Home Health – Forefront will follow the senior patient.

We produce superior outcomes with the same care and human connection for the patient and the facilities we serve.

We are a pioneer in behavioral Telehealth and recognize it is more important than ever to tell the difference between what expected behaviors are and the signs of a mental health condition that can lead to the best outcome for all seniors’ mental and physical health.

Working with the Primary Care Physician and the staff in the facilities we serve, we are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We use the HIPAA rules that set the standard for sensitive patient data protection, from Hospital to Home.

The Forefront Specialists are central to our mission as they are the providers that work with virtual technology while giving you the best therapy every senior deserves.