Forefront supplying rural patients’ needs

Supply meets your patients’ needs.

Across the country and for several decades, psychiatric resources have been decreasing while demand for them has been increasing because of enhanced governmental mental-health mandates and heightened public awareness. This has caused shortages nationwide, and the shortages have been especially severe in rural and remote areas.

Forefront has years of experience in making Telehealth work for many kinds of healthcare facilities. Often, these facilities are in rural or remote areas that do not have adequate access to behavioral specialists. We have worked with psychiatric hospitals, community hospitals, critical-access hospitals, community mental-health centers, rural health clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and even county jails. We can supply an end-to-end behavioral solution including equipment, technical support, logistical support and psychiatric and psychological specialists whom we can credential into your facility or through whom we can provide services to your patient population.

Live video tele-conferencing, mobile health apps and remote patient monitoring (RPM) are examples of key technologies used in Telehealth. Clinicians are conquering distance and providing access to patients who are not able to travel by providing those patients with appointments using real-time video communication platforms. Video-conferencing technology has been utilized to provide care for inmates, military personnel and patients located in rural locations for some time.

Telehealth is increasingly becoming an important part of a U.S. medical system that focuses more on quality and integration of care and includes highly integrated care models such as patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs).

We have unique capabilities to customize a solution to meet your specific needs.

  • We can create programs to see patients in your facility and for at-home follow-ups.

  • We can utilize stand-alone equipment setups, mobile cart or tablet-based packages, or mix and match to suit your needs.

  • Our providers can usually interface with your facilities equipment, or we can provide the equipment for you.

  • We can treat patients on a scheduled basis or on an emergency basis. Or, we can support your own providers in seeing patients in your facility or for in-home follow-ups.

  • We can devise a permanent program to augment your in-house capabilities or even create an intermediate-term solution of several months to take care of a special need.

  • We can private-label Forefront Telecare solutions for larger, regional healthcare systems.

Forefront is flexible.

Let us work with you to fulfill the needs of your specific facility.

In addition to being a leading provider of behavioral Telehealth services to patients in facilities across Rural America, Forefront Telecare is a leader in designing and operating unique Telehealth platforms. Our platforms are both facilities-centric and patient-centric and are specifically designed to make Telehealth work for you.


“Forefront is fantastic because the staff is great to work with. They are team-oriented and handle all my technical issues! I love managing my own schedule and I like that fact that Telehealth is safe, convenient and easy to manage.”

– Dr. B. Chang


“This will allow us to reevaluate residents who we admit. Before Forefront, if a potential resident had any behavioral challenges, we often weren’t able to admit them. Now, we have options.”

– Dorothy Kishiyama, Director of Nursing Services