Forefront behavioral health for skilled nursing facilities

Bringing behavioral health care home

Forefront Telecare, a nationwide leader in behavioral healthcare services for the senior population,  is now available in the comfort of your home.  Introduced in 2017, our ForefrontAtHome app allows patients convenient access to our virtual provider network, eliminating transportation and geographical barriers.  Patients have access to psychiatry and/or psychology treatment programs at home via smartphone, tablet, or PC.  

Now Forefront is supporting Home Health and Home Care Agencies needs with treat in place virtual behavioral health services, bringing our providers into their clients homes and  simplifying access to much needed care.  


A proven care network

For more than a decade, Forefront’s national behavioral health provider network has been delivering quality care to senior populations in long term care facilities and hospital settings. We bring our experience serving seniors in many other healthcare settings to address the specific needs presented in their home.

Scheduling an appointment is simple. Initial patient assessments are available during business hours, and Forefront works closely with each patient’s primary care provider to effectively coordinate care across the patient’s care team.

Our psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, clinical psychologists, and clinical social workers stand ready to serve your patients’ needs

Giving Home Health and Home Care agencies the tools they need

ForefrontAtHOME program focuses on four key goals:

  1. Enable care teams with support and access to professional resources to grow your care team’s service capabilities.

  2. Identify and address behavioral health needs to improve care plan adherence supporting individual seniors needs.

  3. Match Forefront’s professional resources to each patient’s need, including medication management and talk therapy.

  4. Communicate back to the care team all treatment plans for coordination.

  5. Care teams can show family members and the patient how to plan ahead to stay at home.

Getting help for your clients is easy:

  1. For patients who express a desire to talk to a counselor, they can simply notify Forefront.
  2. For PCPs who desire to refer a patient directly, a simple notification of the referral to Forefront is all that is needed.
  3. If the care team is unsure of the need, Forefront provides an online tool to screen for behavioral health issues.
  4. If a client requests help with their state of mind or known conditions that have gone untreated, contact Forefront to set up an assessment.
  5. If a patient chart identifies known behavioral health diagnoses, the PCP may simply refer a patient to Forefront.
  6. For families concerned about mom or dad’s mental deterioration, notify Forefront.

Uncover client’s needs

We provide a fast and easy Screening tool to uncover depression and anxiety.

Sometimes, a patient’s behavioral health diagnosis is unknown, or the patient hasn’t expressed an interest in setting up a counseling session with Forefront. That’s why we developed our survey tool to help uncover comorbid depression or anxiety.

FastCheckNOW is an easy, online survey that home health or home care team members can conduct with patients. It can identify potential behavioral health issues and severity with an immediate report that helps the care team member determine the level of severity and course of action needed for each patient.

Helping your patient plan ahead to age well at home is easy.

Better care starts with a healthy plan and Forefront at home.

After your patient has been screened with FastCheckNOW, the Care Team will work with you to determine the level of medication management and the schedule for talk therapy.

Together, we can help seniors age well in the home they know and feel comfortable with their surroundings’ freedom.

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