Virtual Behavioral Health for Medical-Surgical and Intensive Care Units

Professional psychiatric coverage with same day and next day scheduled appointments for behavioral health consultations.

Forefront Telecare provides medical-surgical and intensive care units with professional psychiatric coverage for behavioral health consultations. With Forefront’s virtual behavioral health platform, you can provide psychiatric consultations with same day and next day scheduled appointments. In order to meet the demands of more medically  complicated conditions, Forefront offers consultation-liaison psychiatry services. Our consultation-liaison approach specializes in the diagnosis and management of psychiatric disorders that are comorbid with general medical/surgical illness. Forefront providers work within your EMR to document and deploy behavioral health services in close collaboration with your care teams. We expand behavioral health access to meet your care teams growing mental health needs with efficient, high-quality care delivery.

Key Benefits


Rapid Response virtual behavioral health for emergency departments
Rapid Response Times

Psychiatric consults with same/next day scheduled appointments for Med-Surg & Intensive Care Units.

higher behavioral health patient throughput in the emergency department
Higher Patient Throughput

Stabilize and manage medical patients with behavioral health conditions and prepare them for discharge to the next appropriate care setting.

Virtual access to behavioral health for emergency departments
Increase Access to Care

More timely access to behavioral health care leads to better health outcomes overall for patients.

Avoid clinical burnout in emergency departments with virtual behavioral health
Reduce Turnover & Burnout

Alleviate the burden and stress of psychiatric patient care from your on-site staff leveraging Forefront’s clinicians.

Benefits of Telehealth-Enabled Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry:

Forefront Telecare is equipped with a specialized clinical team trained in consultation-liaison psychiatry. Through our telehealth platform, we can seamlessly integrate consultation-liaison psychiatry services within medical-surgical units and ICUs. Our secure and HIPAA-compliant video sessions enable direct communication between our experienced psychiatrists and medical teams, ensuring timely and comprehensive care for patients.

  • Accessibility and Timely Interventions: Telehealth eliminates geographical barriers, allowing hospitals to access specialized consultation-liaison psychiatry services, regardless of their location. This ensures timely interventions and reduces the risk of delayed or inadequate psychiatric care.
  • Continuity of Care: Telehealth facilitates consistent and ongoing psychiatric support throughout a patient’s hospital stay. Psychiatrists can collaborate with the medical team, provide real-time assessments, and offer recommendations for personalized treatment plans, ensuring continuity of care and reducing the need for unnecessary transfers or readmissions.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: By implementing telehealth-enabled consultation-liaison psychiatry, hospitals can optimize resource allocation. The remote delivery of services minimizes the need for physical space and reduces the strain on staff, allowing healthcare providers to focus on other critical tasks while ensuring comprehensive mental health care for their patients.
  • Reduce Burnout: By administering comprehensive psychiatric care and mitigating psychotic episodes in patients, much of the burden and stress related to this aspect of patient care will be lifted from hospital staff.

To learn more about consultation-liaison telepsychiatry, read our blog post: Enhancing Patient Care: Consultation-Liaison Telepsychiatry in Acute Care Settings.

How It Works

  1. patient identification icon

    Identify Patient Need

    Patient identified for need of behavioral health consultation by hospital medical team

  2. schedule behavioral health appointment icon

    Schedule BH Consultation

    Hospital staff schedules same day or next day behavioral health consultation with Forefront clinician using Forefront web portal. Forefront clinician receives booking notification, logs into Hospital EMR and reviews chart, then joins the telehealth session.

  3. virtual behavioral health evaluation icon

    Comprehensive Evaluation

    Hospital RN brings telepsych cart to the patient. Forefront PMHNP conducts virtual behavioral health consultation with the patient, reviews diagnoses, and evaluates appropriateness of medication regiment.

  4. Clinical collaboration icon

    Clinical Collaboration

    Forefront PMHNP documents patient disposition in your EMR system including any medication recommendations. Forefront clinician codes and signs-off on case. By integrating our clinician into your EMR and workflows, Forefront operates as a true extension of your care team.

  5. behavioral health discharge icon

    Follow-up or Discharge

    Forefront clinician will perform any follow-ups as needed and can write scripts directly into EMR if inpatient placement is required.

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