Outpatient Virtual Behavioral Health

Professional psychiatric coverage for medication management and talk therapy services in any outpatient setting.

Forefront Telecare supports outpatient medical teams with a telehealth solution that connects patients with our professional behavioral health clinicians. We deliver care through a seamless platform for scheduling and performing appointments for psychiatry, medication management, and talk therapy in clinics, or in patient’s homes. We enable timely access in the best care setting for your patients and closely collaborate with your care teams to deliver optimal health outcomes. Forefront can become your behavioral health department, or dramatically increase the bandwidth of your existing resources to meet growing needs for outpatient behavioral health.

Key Benefits


Reduce Wait Times
Reduce Long Wait Times

Increase access to behavioral health care and cut long wait times of weeks and months down to days and hours.

Patient Outcomes
Improve Patient Outcomes

Let us handle the behavioral health issues of your patients so your care teams can focus on the other health issues and achieve better health outcomes.

Remove Barriers
Remove Barriers to Care

Patients can attend virtual behavioral health visits right in your clinic’s telehealth rooms or from the comfort of home, removing the need to travel.

Enable Care Teams
Enable Care Teams

Our clinicians will become a part of your team, work directly within your EMR system, collaborate with your care teams, and become a true extension of your care delivery capabilities.

How It Works

  1. patient identification icon

    Identify Patient Need

    Patient identified for need of behavioral health consultation by outpatient medical team

  2. schedule behavioral health appointment icon

    Schedule BH Appointment

    Medical group staff schedules behavioral health consultation with Forefront clinician within your own practice management system.

  3. virtual behavioral health evaluation icon

    Comprehensive Evaluation

    Forefront clinician conducts virtual psychiatric evaluation, reviews diagnoses, evaluates appropriateness of medication regiment. Visit is conducted via telehealth from the least restrictive care setting in the clinic or even at home.

  4. Establish Care Plan icon

    Establish Care Plan

    Forefront provider establishes and executes a care plan including medication management and psychotherapy as needed.

  5. Clinical collaboration icon

    Clinical Collaboration

    Forefront provider communicates care plan and all progress notes via your clinic's EMR. By integrating our clinician into your EMR and workflows, Forefront operates as a true extension of your care team.

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Other Outpatient Settings

IOPs and PHPs

Forefront Telecare’s virtual behavioral health services can support Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) with the highest level of clinical care. Our professional behavioral health clinicians work in close collaboration with your care team to deliver optimal mental health outcomes to your patients. We provide virtual access to psychiatry, medication management, and talk therapy services, in a flexible and convenient manner that caters to your patients’ unique needs. With Forefront Telecare, you can enhance the quality of care and dramatically increase the capacity of your existing resources to better serve patients in your community.

intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs
CSUs and EmPATH Units

CSUs and EmPATH Units

Forefront Telecare serves Crisis Stabilization Units (CSUs) and EmPATH Units with on-demand access to professional behavioral health clinicians. Our team of licensed psychiatrists and behavioral health professionals are available 24/7 to conduct assessments and provide real-time interventions to stabilize patients in crisis. With Forefront, your CSU can augment your existing resources, improve patient outcomes, and avoid unnecessary transfers to emergency departments or inpatient facilities – leaving those beds open for patients with medical emergencies that require higher levels of care. Our providers work within your EMR system ensuring that our interventions are fully documented and care is coordinated with your existing treatment team, providing a collaborative approach to patient care.

Home Health

Forefront Telecare enables virtual behavioral health services for patients from the comfort of their homes. By partnering with Forefront to manage the behavioral health needs of their patients, Home Health care teams can focus on all the other areas of care more effectively. Forefront’s tech-enabled care platform increases access to care, removes transportation barriers, and reduces wait times – all leading to improved health outcomes for patients. With outpatient virtual behavioral health delivered to patients at home, you can prevent unnecessary readmissions, better manage patient health over time, and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Home Health

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