Virtual Behavioral Health for Long Term Care

Consistent, reliable access to telepsychiatry for medication management and talk therapy services for seniors.

Forefront Telecare provides long term care facilities with consistent, convenient access to professional behavioral health care via our telehealth platform. Forefront’s licensed clinicians provide medication management and talk therapy services for your patients, bringing them high-quality care while removing the burden from your on-site staff. Forefront will manage the psychiatric care of your patients while also providing education to facility staff on behavioral health through the process of treating and supporting residents, enabling your staff to focus on maximizing residents’ quality of life.

Key Benefits


Rapid Response virtual behavioral health for emergency departments
High-Quality Clinical Care

Forefront’s licensed clinicians provide medication management and talk therapy to your residents, supporting transitions into your facility as well as gradual dose reduction programs.

Reduce Wait Times
Reduce Long Wait Times

Increase access to behavioral health care and cut long wait times. Patients will get the psychiatric care they need in a timely manner in the least restrictive care setting.

Patient Outcomes
Improve Patient Outcomes

Let us handle the behavioral health issues of your patients so your care teams can focus on the other health issues and achieve better health outcomes.

Enable Care Teams
Enable Care Teams

We can be the behavioral health department for your facility! Our clinicians will become a part of your team, collaborate with your care teams, and become a true extension of your care delivery capabilities.

Reduce burnout
Reduce Turnover & Burnout

Alleviate the burden and stress of behavioral health patient care from your on-site staff/nurses by leveraging Forefront’s clinicians.

Reduce Unnecessary Readmissions
Reduce Unnecessary Readmissions

Through consistent, reliable psychiatric care, patients can avoid unnecessary readmissions due to behavioral health issues and other conditions impacted by mental health.

How It Works

  1. patient identification icon

    Identify Patient Need

    Patient identified for need of behavioral health care by facility's care team

  2. schedule behavioral health appointment icon

    Schedule BH Appointment

    Facility staff schedules behavioral health visit with Forefront clinician during regularly scheduled appointment rounds.

  3. virtual behavioral health evaluation icon

    Comprehensive Evaluation

    Forefront clinician conducts virtual psychiatric evaluation and assesses appropriateness of medication regiment.

  4. Establish Ongoing Care Plan icon

    Establish Ongoing Care Plan

    Forefront provider establishes and executes a care plan including medication management and psychotherapy as needed - visiting with patient via regularly scheduled visits during the duration of their stay.

  5. Clinical collaboration icon

    Clinical Collaboration

    Forefront provider communicates care plan and all progress notes for each encounter, communicates change in condition or medication adjustments, and provides any recommendations for improving care and quality of life.

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