A Message from Forefront Telecare CEO

Rob Rebak, CEO

We are Building a Culture of Positive Senior Behavioral Health in Every Community We Serve

We are Building a Culture of Positive Senior Behavioral Health in Every Community We Serve

When Forefront Telecare began in 2010, our co-founder wanted a way to care for his mother, living in Rural America, suffering from dementia. Like many seniors at that time, patients in a Hospital or Long Term Care facility in low-access areas found it difficult to get behavioral and mental health therapy services, especially with a shortage of trained clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Therapists.

Recent research published by the New American Economy found that more than 60% of all counties in the United States, including 80% of all rural counties, do not have a single Psychiatrist. The number of psychiatrists in the United States has increased by only 12 percent since 1995 – a far lower rate compared to the underlying U.S. population growth. Currently, only about 4% of new medical residents go into psychiatry. Given these trends, to reach the minimal guidelines for adequate care – especially for Seniors across America and those in Rural America – almost 4,900 new practitioners would have been needed.

Since its founding, we have served over 20,000 Skilled Nursing Facility patients and 13,000 Hospital patients for senior and older adults, whose Quality of Life was improved by Forefront Telecare services with the staff’s help we serve.
We were the pioneers in Virtual Behavioral Health, bringing the best clinicians in Psychiatry and Psychology. In 2020 we witnessed the effects of COVID-19 on the lives, the livelihood, and those family members, especially our Seniors, who were most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Vaccines are on their way. But COVID-19 made every healthcare system in the United States recognize that we need to improve everyone’s standard of care, especially for Seniors.

From Primary Care to Mental Health, we are on a mission to change seniors’ behavioral health care dynamics.

With the magnitude of the emergency, the recognition that by 2050, 19 million people will be 85 or older, we are expanding our reach to cover care for all Seniors throughout America – no matter if they live in Rural, Suburban, or Urban areas.

Our Mission:
To be the leading provider of high-quality, cost-effective virtual behavioral health care to seniors in healthcare facilities and home settings in communities across the country.

Caring for Seniors:
While today we are a ‘telecare’ company for behavioral health, we understand the importance of human connection in working with seniors.

Therefore, we will be making a significant investment in caring for Seniors who want to “age in place” and receive treatment in facilities. Our technology expansion and our clinical staff’s quality will allow us to “follow the senior patient” with our virtual technology from a Hospital to a Skilled Nursing Facility to Home Care.

With the consequences of behavioral health issues, seniors’ population growth, and the social detachment caused by the pandemic, we will follow our unique approach to providing the human connection using technology and our promise that our behavioral health clinicians will “always be in” for Seniors.

We will follow Senior Patients Wherever and Whenever they Need Forefront Telecare.