St. Regis Nursing Home, Massena, New York

Forefront Telecare history

Our History

Forefront Telecare initially developed a service that enabled family members worldwide to visit virtually with residents in senior living facilities across the United States. The initial service, the national award-winning Family Virtual Visits, connected residents in senior living facilities with their family members — anywhere in the world.

When CMS regulations changed in 2009, we teamed up with a group of visionary psychiatrists and psychologists to redesign our system to meet the growing need for behavioral telemedicine applications. This began when one of our founders wanted to provide a better quality of life for his mother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s and needed psychiatric care.

Forefront Telecare subsequently developed the HIPAA-compliant service that provided its start in behavioral Telehealth. As one of the first companies to serve the behavioral health needs of senior living facilities through Telehealth, Forefront entered the marketplace in early 2010, soon after of the approval of such services by CMS.

Formed with the goal of delivering high-quality behavioral Telehealth to Medicare populations in rural geographies where care options are limited, such as rural hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, Forefront has a long history of caring for vulnerable patient populations. Today, Forefront is one of the companies that truly views the technology-enabled care experience through the eyes of its patients.

Our unique history gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors. To understand the technical and logistical intricacies of making a Telehealth program work long term, a company should start as a Telehealth and logistics company. Forefront did just that. We started as a Telehealth logistics and technology company, so we understand and embrace the tasks that make Forefront Telecare work in either a small facility, private practice, or hospital.

Our history has led to an essential qualitative difference. A commitment to the highest quality of service is imbued in our corporate DNA and every team member you meet — wherever you need Forefront Telecare.