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Forefront offers a turn-key, end-to-end solution for facilities and providers.

We connect small and often remote facilities to providers licensed in the same states as the facilities, and we give facilities and the providers the opportunity to connect on a regular and clinically optimal basis.

Our proprietary, HIPAA-compliant system is installed in client healthcare facilities where specialists can interact in real time with staff and patients on a large, high-definition screen.

Specialists can connect to the system from any secure internet connection using a computer and web camera, providing them with the flexibility to serve patients from virtually any location with the confidence of knowing they have Forefront’s comprehensive, technical and logistical support for every patient encounter.

Forefront Telecare National Provider Network enable you to work from your home, office, or wherever you are connected to the internet.

Forefront works with both providers who are seeking to work part-time to augment their private practices and those who are seeking to join our clinical team on a full-time basis. We contract with facilities such as skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), clinics and hospitals to connect you with patients. You don’t need special technical skills as Forefront provides you with all the training, logistical, technical and business support you need to make Telehealth work for YOU!

Our providers spend their time on the patient — not the paperwork — and that’s the Forefront advantage.

Working with Forefront either part-time or as an integral part of our behavioral care teams has many important advantages. There are no up-front investment costs or exotic equipment to buy. Use your own PC or Mac. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing technical and logistical support. No special technical skills are required. Working with Forefront offers unparalleled life-style freedom! Work from home, the office or even on vacation — wherever you can be connected to the internet. Though you must be licensed in the state in which the patients are located, you do not have to be in that state to serve them through telehealth. It is not even necessary to be in the United States at the time of the treatment. Moreover, we take care of all the logistical hassles such as scheduling, document flow, insurance empanelment, credentialing with facilities, billing and collections. Our providers spend almost all their time on what matters to them — patient care.


“Today I saw nine Telehealth patients at two facilities and felt very relaxed and confident that this is a pretty ideal way to do the job I was trained for.”

– Andrew Rosenzweig. M.D. (Rhode Island)

“I love working with Forefront: I appreciate that I’m able to focus solely on patient care as opposed to losing tremendous amounts of time dealing with the administrative side of patient care. I’m able to be a full-time provider and do what I love – taking care of people.”

– Dr. Mayee Ph.D.


Make a Difference

Do the work you want.

Live where you want to live.

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