Forefront behavioral health for skilled nursing facilities

Does your skilled nursing facility suffer from low census?

You may have stopped admitting patients with behavioral needs because you lack the resources to care for them and manage their medications. You may be used to the complaining from your attending physicians that you need to bring psychiatric professionals onto the team. They may even be telling you that they don’t feel comfortable prescribing psych meds. So unsurprisingly, it’s possible that your stock of antipsychotic medication is too high, and it’s putting you at risk of being flagged for medication misuse. Even if your facility hasn’t been flagged for that, you worry it could be.

Does any of this sound familiar? Don’t let low census prevent your facility from providing maximum care.


Forefront can provide the clinical and collaborative assistance you need.

Forefront’s clinical approach is collaborative with the whole Forefront Care Team at your facility. In most of our client facilities, we make recommendations on medications to the attending physicians and directors of nursing so that they have our specialists’ input on psych medications as a part of the whole pharmacological treatment regimen for each resident. When a conversation is necessary, our providers are ready to respond to questions and discuss options for the treatment plan, and they are ready to bring families into that conversation. Our entire focus is on improving and maintaining the patient’s highest quality of life.


“Our experience with Forefront has been wonderful. Our doctor is very thorough and takes very good care of our individuals. Forefront is very organized and is on point!”

Candice Feazell, Nurse
Bluebonnet Homes, Inc, TX

How can Forefront help you maximize census 24/7/365?


We make it possible for you to admit all patient-acuity levels. Let us drive up your census by opening your doors to patients with behavioral care needs. We permanently solve your professional staffing needs. With immediate access to care, no patient need goes unmet. We will round in your building weekly and respond daily if needed.


We provide a team of doctors and nurse practitioners to ensure that no matter how complicated the case, we will respond with expertise and coordinated care to monitor and maintain the highest quality of life for your residents and support your staff with the resources they need to manage these patients. Let us help titrate antipsychotic medications to get residents who should not be using these meds into other therapies, safely and over the correct time frame. We also staff clinical psychologists and LCSWs trained and experienced in geriatric psychotherapy for residents who can benefit from that level of care when you also don’t have those resources locally either.


“We have had excellent tele-psych services provided by Forefront for our residents each week. Our facility loves the efficiency and innovative services Forefront provides....and most importantly, our residents love it.”

Brittany DeVasier, Administrator
Community Compassion Center of Batesville, AR


We bill insurers so you don’t have to and so you don’t have out-of-pocket expenses. This service is FREE for you. If you have a clinical need, Forefront can meet it at no cost.


We supply all the technology at no cost. All we need is internet access. We provide either wall mount units or portable tablets with one-click access to services. No tricky applications to learn. If you give us remote administrative access to your EMR, we’ll even retrieve patient records for our providers, so your staff just needs to identify patients, and we’ll take it from there.


We get you progress notes and patient care plan update recommendations within 24 hours of seeing each resident. Our clinical approach is collaborative, and in most cases, we are making recommendations to the care team about medications, GDRs, therapy options and even environmental and social strategies when it’s appropriate. If the attending physician wants our providers to directly handle all psych medications, we will also prescribe to your pharmacy. If your pharmacy service flags a patient for GDR, we will review the recommendation and agree or provide you with documentation to justify continuing psychotropic medications. Our providers are happy to speak with family members about the use of medications and the care regimen to maintain quality of life for their loved one.


“We used to have abuse problems from our patients in Psychiatry. After we began working with Forefront Telecare psychiatry clinicians we are reporting no abuse problems. In fact, abuse problems have been down for 3 years, and psychotic medications have decreased since the clinicians of Forefront Telecare have been working with our patients. We can't say enough good things about our services from Forefront Telecare!"

Russell Cobb
Red Bluff Health Care Center, California


Let us help keep the fabric of your community together. Let us help you so you can admit this vulnerable population. You don’t have to turn these families away and send their loved ones to a facility that’s far away because it’s the only one that has these resources available. We can bring the resources you need to you.


With the recent emphasis on the misuse of antipsychotic medications, we have engaged our Care Teams in a carefully designed, gradual dose-reduction program to get alternative medications and treatment therapies in place to help staff safely manage medication regimens. And, we are mindful that many residents need to stay on these medications, which means documenting that need and managing the use and dosages of those medications to maintain the highest quality of life for those patients. Making sure that everyone is receiving the correct dosages and the lowest level of those meds is, perhaps, the most important reason to have professional psychiatric care for your residents. With Forefront, you can admit more patients with mental-health needs because you will have the qualified staff you need to treat them and because you will have the medications-management protocols you need in place to administer care with confidence.


“I would like to say that our experience with Forefront Telecare has been great! We have been using both psychiatry and psychology for 4 years now. We have had the same psychiatrist since we started in 2015 and she is great with our residents. The doctors appreciate the fact that someone else is monitoring this aspect of the resident’s care and all they do is approve the recommendations. The residents have been surprisingly receptive to the process of using a “TV” to talk to the Providers. The first psychologist we had moved on after 2 years and Forefront was able to get us an even greater one to replace her! This has been a wonderful service.”

Shari Antonucci, Director of Nursing
Golden Empire Nursing & Rehab Center, CA