Forefront behavioral health for hospitals


Does your psych unit suffer from low census?

You may worry that your current professional staff is not available when admission requests come. Or worse — you may not have sufficient staff members which can cap your census if they are spread too thin. Perhaps you are not setting up a psych unit at all because you worry that you wouldn’t be able to staff the unit over the long haul.

Does any of this sound familiar? Don’t let low census prevent your facility from providing maximum care.

Forefront has the staffing solutions you need.

We get it. Remote psych units are constantly anticipating the next staffing loss and fear not having the staff to keep their units operating.

Forefront’s national recruiting effort makes it possible to fill positions easily and get providers licensed in states that need them.

With its 24/7/365 approach, all clinically appropriate patients are admitted expeditiously and with the thoroughness and empathy they deserve. Forefront increases your average daily census by as many as three to six beds within the first 60 days. Because we are available to process all incoming admission requests, we can offer a first option to your key referral sources. Let us help get your hospital to the top of everyone’s list.


We not only service your inpatients, we also offer our services to the skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) that refer them to you. Forefront started in SNFs, so we know what the challenges are in providing care to high-acuity patient populations in rural communities. What is more, we can help you set up and professionally staff intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) for daily care delivery on an outpatient basis. For discharges, we have home care using smart phones, tablets or PCs for those not going into post-acute-care settings. Let Forefront help you support your whole community mission and meet the needs of your location and your region.

Full Continuity of Care

Initially, our market was SNFs in rural areas. By working together, we can ensure that discharged patients are taken care of when they get back to their SNF. If you operate an IOP, we can staff that as well to provide full continuity of care even for those patients who are going home. Inpatient, outpatient or SNF, Forefront can help you manage your patient flows in and out of the hospital setting.

Forefront can help you maximize census 24/7/365 and Follow Your Patient


No Cost to You

We supply all Telehealth technology at no cost to you, or we will link into yours at no cost. Take the guesswork out of Telehealth. Forefront has 10 years of experience deploying virtual  video solutions in healthcare environments. Let us handle getting your hospital technology ready!


Bench Strength 24/7/365

We provide 24/7/365 psych certified nurse practitioners or psychiatrists. We review ALL admission requests against your criteria and accept them if it’s appropriate, day or night. At Forefront, we admit and treat all appropriate patients who meet the need for hospital level care. We have the hospital references to prove it. We are available for request reviews 24/7/365, which ensures that if there’s a clinically appropriate fit, you will get that admission


We Handle Insurers

We bill insurers — no more wondering about CPT coding and insurance claims. Forefront handles all fee-for-service claims filing. If there aren’t patients on the unit, you aren’t paying for unused professional staff time. No more guessing how many hours a day for which you need coverage, and no more exorbitant locum-tenens costs.


Delivering Your Standards

We conduct regular quality-assurance reviews of our hospital teams, their notes and medications, their attention to detail, the timeliness of their reporting, and their peer and performance reviews. We do this to ensure that the care we deliver meets your standards and our insistence on the highest possible quality of care.


“Forefront Telecare has provided telemedicine services to our managed 16 bed inpatient geriatric psych unit in rural Central Louisiana over the past 16 months. The physician services and patient outcomes have both been exceptional, and the 7 day rounding and 24/7/365 on call has made an incredible difference to our census.”

Steve May, CEO
Sunrise Healthcare Management Company

“Partnering with Forefront quickly met the needs of our patients and staff, while increasing our average daily census four beds per day in the first month, with excellent care and full coverage for our units.”

Quentin Whitwell- CEO, Panola Medical Center