Solutions for Outpatient

Providing behavioral healthcare for senior patients from the comfort of their homes or clinics.

Bringing behavioral healthcare home

Forefront’s consumer application for home links patients in need of psychiatry and psychology treatment programs with our high-quality national network of providers.

Supporting care teams and families in the home

Our partnerships with insurance plans, home health, and home care, to support their members enable families and care teams to deliver high-quality behavioral health care in the home. From patient identification of the need to registration and scheduling, through care delivery, our team at Forefront supports the senior with the highest quality in the home.

Outpatient Solutions

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Access to Behavioral Health

We provide access to a national network of high-quality behavioral health providers dedicated to serving seniors. Forefront collaborates with referring PCPs and provides behavioral healthcare plans and medication details to support their patient-centered needs.

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Supportive Technology

Our telehealthcare sessions are delivered on any smart device from PC to tablet to smartphone. Forefront’s team calls to schedule seniors and sends a simple text message or email which allows seniors to join care sessions with licensed psychiatrists and psychologists.

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Quality Behavioral Health

Our clinical teams recruit and onboard the highest quality board-certified psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners with deep experience serving seniors through telehealth for more than a decade. Our clinical treatment model begins previsit gathering data to ensure the best possible clinical experience and continues post-visit coordinating with care teams.

Outpatient Information

We believe all care is local and our clinical team is designed to provide clinical and operational oversight. Our practice service organization now in 48 states enables our national clinical leadership to collaborate with care team PODs in any service line from the emergency department, consult coverage, to inpatient psychiatric units, to post-acute and home care settings. Foundational to our team is our clinical talent development from recruiting and onboarding through credentialing to quality and compliance audits. Our board-certified psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners have preferred experience with seniors and telehealth. We utilize Joint Commission standards for credentialing and conduct Focus Professional Performance Evaluations (FPPE) and Ongoing Professional Performance Evaluations (OPPE) to ensure initial and ongoing competence. Our reviews ensure accurate documentation and appropriate patient care as well as a peer-review process to review and audit the care of our providers.

Our integrated platform for acute, outpatient, post-acute, and home settings enables turn-key behavioral health solutions. Forefront combines our platform capabilities of clinical, operational, and billing with our national network of providers dedicated to behavioral health. Our clinical workflows occur within our client’s EMR(s) and our data lake analytics combine operational and clinical outcomes. We facilitate inoperability/client data intake and exchange. Our cloud-based data storage provides flexibility, security, reliability, redundancy, and scalability. HIPPA compliant services and industry-standard interface engine providing inoperability and messaging between systems.

  • Enable care teams with support and access to professional behavioral health resources to grow services capabilities.
  • Identify and address behavioral health needs to improve care plan adherence while increasing your case mix
  • Match Forefront’s professional resources to each patient’s need, including medication management and psychotherapy.
  • Communicate back to the care team and PCPS’s treatment plans for coordination.
We contract directly with your health plans serviced in your acute, outpatient, and post-acute areas to bill for our services. This reduces both overhead and cost for the management of your behavioral health departments.

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