Solutions for Hospitals

and Emergency Rooms

Forefront is here to meet the behavioral health needs across the care settings in your community.

Forefront professional teams provide full or part-time coverage for all aspects of hospital inpatient, emergency departments, and outpatient behavioral health. Beyond staffing solutions, Forefront works to fully integrate workflows to maximize efficiency and care coordination for your patients and boots on the ground care teams. From inpatient psychiatric unit management to ED and Med Surg consultations as well as support for your outpatient primary care partners, Forefront can be your best option for long-term solutions to expanding access to meet your communities need for psychiatric and therapy resources.

We help to reduce turnover & clinical burnout among existing behavioral providers while reducing hospital costs. By maintaining a national pool of resources to support our partners’ organizational growth Forefront utilizes the placement of fractional FTEs to meet patient demand with just the resources needed to minimize costs. With Forefront providers documenting inside each hospital’s EMR, it makes collaborating with teams and workflow integration a reality. We can also supply the technology if needed and in most cases can handle all billing for direct patient care.

Solutions for Hospitals


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Psychiatric Unit Coverage

24/7/365 coverage with Medical Director and NP rounding and call coverage

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ER & MedSurg BH Consults

24/7/365 professional psychiatric coverage to support your clinical teams

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Discharge Continuum Behavioral Health

Behavioral health resources reacclimate patients to home or their long-term care settings

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Outpatient Behavioral Health

Empower your clinical teams with outpatient behavioral health clinics

Hospital Information

We believe all care is local and our clinical team is there virtually to direct and provide clinical patient care and operational oversight for hospital teams when necessary. Our national pandemic has demonstrated for both patients and clinicians just how flexible telehealth can be in providing the highest quality of care safely and efficiently. Our practice organization can now provide services in 47 states which enables our national clinical leadership to collaborate through our care team PODs in support of any service line from the emergency department, consult coverage, to inpatient psychiatric units, to post-acute and home care settings. Foundational to our philosophy is our clinical talent development from recruiting and onboarding through credentialing to quality and compliance audits. Our board-certified psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners have extensive experience with seniors and telehealth. We utilize Joint Commission standards for credentialing and conduct Focus Professional Performance Evaluations (FPPE) and Ongoing Professional Performance Evaluations (OPPE) to ensure initial and ongoing competence. Our reviews ensure accurate documentation and appropriate patient care as well as a peer-review process to review and audit the care of our providers.

Our integrated platform for acute, outpatient, post-acute, and home settings enables turn-key behavioral health solutions. Forefront combines our platform capabilities of clinical, operational, and billing with our national network of providers dedicated to behavioral health. Our clinical workflows occur within our client’s EMR(s) and our data lake analytics combine operational and clinical outcomes. We facilitate interoperability/client data intake and exchange. Our cloud-based data storage provides flexibility, security, reliability, redundancy, and scalability. Forefront’s HIPAA compliant services and industry-standard interface engine providing interoperability and messaging between systems.

Forefront enables our hospital and health system partners to meet their community’s behavioral health needs efficiently, at the lowest cost, and with the most flexible workflow integration. Where Forefront is able to bill payers, partners only pay for non-reimbursable costs and for only the time needed to deliver those services.

We contract directly with the health plans serviced in your community for acute, outpatient, and post-acute areas to bill for our services. This reduces both overhead and cost for the management of your behavioral health departments.

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