Solutions for Long Term Care

Providing solutions for virtual psychiatric care for seniors in long-term care.

Consistent Access to our professional psychiatric staff for residents in need of Medication Management or Talk Therapy Services with 24-hour guaranteed documentation enabling organizations to facilitate care team communications. Forefront educates your facility staff on behavioral health to ensure the highest quality of life for residents.

A clinical program designed to guard against overmedication ensures resident appropriate dosing of Psychiatric Medication and timely administration of gradual dose reductions (GDRs) in collaboration with pharmacists, and primary care attending providers.

If a facility has no access to local talk therapists, Forefront can provide resources to assist residents to transition to their new home in the skilled facility.

Forefront educates facility staff on behavioral health through the process of our treating and supporting residents by having them sit in on care sessions that routinely involve alternative therapies and discussing strategies to help maximize the resident quality of life.

Long Term Care Solutions

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Medication Management

Seniors react differently to medications and clinical. Experience matters when treating geriatric patients taking psychotropic and especially antipsychotic and other mood-stabilizing medications.

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Talk Therapy

Psychotherapy is a critical part of behavioral health particularly in supporting both transition therapy for new residents and alternative therapies during Gradual Dose Reductions (GDRs).

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Follow the Patient

Discharge continuity of care programs supports seniors as they transition from hospital and other settings back into residential settings. Our trained psychiatric providers support care teams to ensure the highest possible quality of life.

Long-Term Care Information

Foundational to our team is our clinical talent development from recruiting and onboarding through credentialing to quality and compliance audits. Our board-certified psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners have preferred experience with seniors and telehealth. We utilize Joint Commission standards for credentialing and conduct Focus Professional Performance Evaluations (FPPE) and Ongoing Professional Performance Evaluations (OPPE) to ensure initial and ongoing competence. Our reviews ensure accurate documentation and appropriate patient care as well as peer-review process to review and audit the care of our providers.

Forefront will work with local staff to schedule recurring time blocks that work for them and that they can support week to week, month to month. With our integration to Point Click Care electronic records system, Forefront can retrieve patient records so that staff doesn’t need to worry about added work beyond patient scheduling and assistance.

  • Increase in the census with the admission of residents with complex acuity levels including behavioral health comorbidities
  • Support for the nursing team and staff with behavioral health support and strategies bringing a calming effect to residents and staff
  • Within 24-Hours progress, notes are documented and returned.
  • Virtual Therapy reduces professional staff footprint onsite adding to infection control measures while supporting the needs of resident’s quality of life utilizing HIPAA compliant services
  • Support for Attending Physicians improves satisfaction and retention.
  • Service is Free to Long Term Care facilities

We contract directly with your health plans in every state to bill for our services.

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